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Acronis believes knowledge should be available to all

Helping children take the first step on the path to opportunity

The founding principle of Acronis is the belief that all evils are caused by insufficient knowledge.

To mark its 15th anniversary, the software company expanded its commitment to knowledge by establishing a nonprofit foundation that supports initiatives designed to stimulate education in order to gain and protect knowledge.

The Acronis Foundation brings education to all, regardless of their background, to provide better opportunities to individuals and communities.

Children around the world are not able to get the education they need to thrive

Gaining knowledge is so vital to our existence, the United Nations considers education a fundamental human right. The student isn’t the only person who benefits. Studies prove that education not only leads to higher individual income, but it is also a necessary foundation for long-term economic growth.

Unfortunately, UNESCO found that more than half of children worldwide are not able to reach the minimum proficiency levels in reading and mathematics. In fact, those excluded from education are among the most vulnerable in the world.

To honor Acronis’ 15-year anniversary, the first program the Acronis Foundation plans to fund is the Acronis Schools Initiative, which will construct 15 new schools in underserved communities around the globe during the next three years.

Connection with Acronis

Acronis is a global leader in hybrid cloud data protection and storage. Constant learning, protecting knowledge, and advancing technology are integral parts of Acronis’ DNA. As a result, the company has been creating and sharing knowledge by funding research and technical training programs in communities where it has research and development facilities since its founding.

Acronis’ mission is to protect all data, applications and systems.

The Acronis Schools Initiative provides students with the infrastructure where they can learn how to use and protect the knowledge they acquire.

What we are doing

Why we are doing it

Where we are building schools

We have opened school in Myanmar. School projects currently planned in Sub Saharan Africa, South East Asia, Latin America and Middle East.

School building project

Primary school in the small village of Ata, Kyauk Pa Daung Township, Myanmar

The school provides the much-needed educational facilities for more than 150 boys and girls, many of whom had been studying outdoors, often fighting the wind and bad weather.

School building project

New school in the town of Pong Tuk, Cambodia

The new school provided permanent shelter, washrooms, and more importantly, the classrooms and other educational facilities necessary for students to concentrate and learn.

School building project

Building a school in Loongung, Tanzania, where no school has ever existed

In collaboration with the German non-profit Fly&Help, we’ll build a primary school for 567 Loongung children and two teachers, providing a safe and healthy learning environment.

Like the idea? Lend a hand

You don’t need to travel around the world opening schools to have an impact. If you believe in the mission, you can support the Acronis Foundation in a way that works for you.

Guiding principles

As the Acronis Foundation works to bring education, knowledge, and opportunity to children and communities around the world, its work will be based on five principles.